Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

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Direct Affinity Europe will contact any customer who has made an enquiry the previous day, but not yet purchased. These can include customers who have walked into the dealership and made an enquiry, made an enquiry online or rang the dealership to make an enquiry.

Direct Affinity Europe agents ask your customers to rate their overall experience with the dealership, we then feed this information back to the dealership using a matrix which makes it easier to monitor progress, and compare and contrast with other dealerships within the group.

We also ask your customers a series of questions relating to their experience to ensure that your on-site processes and procedures are being followed, for example: Did the customer meet a manager? Did the customer take a test drive? etc…

Then we feed any customers, who are in the market to purchase a vehicle, back to the management team on site to increase sales.

If a customer decided to purchase a vehicle elsewhere, we will ask where the customer has purchased from and the reason why, this will give the dealership a better understanding of their lost opportunities.

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