Direct Affinity Digital

Direct Affinity Digital

Task Us to convert your digital enquiries into appointments.

‘When you receive a lead digitally, Task Us to set the appointment for you.’

Our in-house professionally trained agents contact prospects within seconds of receiving a lead 7 days a week. We engage with the prospect in seconds.

This will “stop the clock” to satisfy OEMs response and compliance requirements and takes the consumer out of the market.

Do you know what is happening to ALL the leads you generate at the moment?

If the answer is NO, Task Us to find out what is going on before generating any more.

Digital Enquiry Insight

Offers a multichannel insight on your digital lead management process, identifying where areas can be stronger and where processes can be changed to increase conversion to sale.

We know that your team can’t always be available to respond within a minute!

Our Motor Trade only agents sit side by side with your staff, and we convert your digital inquiries into sales appointments.

Task Us • After-Hours • Weekends • Professional Phone Skills • Appointment Setting • Maximize EVERY Opportunity

Operating Hours

Monday- Friday – 8am to 9:30am ~ 6pm to 9:30pm

Saturday – 8am to 6pm

Sunday – 9am to 4:30pm

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